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2 Questions To Ask Before Starting And Marketing Your Business

As we all know, having your own business is the American dream. We all want to earn money from home, but very few people knows what it takes to make the American dream come true. It takes hard work, persistence, dedication, and analysis to make a business work, so these are traits that you must possess to make your own business work.

If you want to make money in your small business, you have to ask yourself a few questions. In fact, let me share with you some of the questions that I would ask you if we were talking face to face. Here’s the first question:

1) Is a small business for you?

I’m sure that you’ve seen ordinary looking people have success in their business. But these “ordinary” people aren’t ordinary at all. They’re actually kind of brilliant. So before you make a comment like, “If this guy can do it, then I know I can”… you should know that these people are actually geniuses in their own right.

So, is a small business for you? Don’t measure yourself amongst other business owners or people that you know – take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror to see if you have what it takes to run your own small business. It takes a lot of work, effort and patience to see your business grow, in a relatively quick amount of time. Here’s another question that I would ask you:

2) Do you have the money to start a small business?

Will you be using your own money or will you get a loan from the bank? If you’re using your own money, proceed at your own risk. You will see yourself almost spending your life savings just to make a business work. So this is something that you definitely want to keep in mind before embarking on your business adventure.

If you are going to get a loan from a bank, how much are you willing to take out? If you take out a $50,000 loan, expect a high monthly repayment, and have a thorough plan of how you will be paying this money back. $50,000 could probably get you to invest in a franchise, or you can buy out a dollar store with this kind of money. No matter what you do, be sure to have a plan on how you will pay this money back.

Be sure to invest in training materials that will help you to market your business. Don’t do brand advertising and find out more information about “direct response marketing” and how it can make you money quickly. Test which publications your ad is making the most money from, and see if there are ways that you can duplicate your ads in more than one publication.

These 2 questions should get you on the right track towards starting your new small business and having success with it. Make sure you right your goals down and make sure that they are met when launching your own business. You’ll be more than glad that you did.

Good luck with using these tips to have success in business.

Small Business Online Marketing Tips Explained

There are a number of small business online marketing tips that can be used to help somebody grow their business. These include building website that is easy for the user and actually looks good, maximizing your business exposure with SEO (search engine optimization) and promoting your business using the correct methods. So let’s begin with the website.

The internet in some respects has allowed smaller businesses to contend with the larger players. In the retail parks, we are used to seeing the same corporate names but this is not the case online. By creating a good online strategy, you can effectively compete with the larger name companies. So a website is vital.

Many small businesses still do not have a website. It appears unprofessional when you look up a company, using an online directory, and the company has no website where further information can be gained. If a person is searching online, then give them the information in the same manner. First impressions count and you should think of your website as the entrance to your business. Find a reputable web designer and look at their previous work. Having a poorly designed website can be as damaging as not having one at all. These days, to get a nice site, it costs much less than what it used to. Through increasing sales, it can pay for itself.

There are other small business online marketing tips. Make sure you choose a designer who completely understands the importance of SEO. If not, the impact of your online strategy can be restricted. Website content is important when trying to make your business more visible to potential customers.

If you have a business that makes or sells products, why not offer these online. The internet can help small businesses contend on a national level. It’s important here to consider your website again.

With your website built, there are a number of ways to market your business. There are hundreds of online directories where you can list your business for free. These days, social media is a huge phenomenon and this can be used to promote your business. In any industry, word of mouth is of vital importance when aiming for success and social media can be very useful. E-mail marketing campaigns have changed over time and can still be an effective method to generate new business.

So there are a number of issues to consider. Many small businesses will have budget limitations but in 2010 a web presence is a necessity. A comparatively small injection of money can result in huge gains that can be measured easily. So if you want to increase your business presence, think about the above small business online marketing tips.

A Way To Wake Up To Your Business And Find Money In The Bank!

Marketing is a process that not a lot of small business owners don’t understand. They watch how big companies market their business and they think that they can do the same marketing such as “brand advertising”, and stay afloat in their business. Sadly however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see big businesses are losing A LOT of money from their ads. They have the million dollar advertising budget that allows them to spend money on ads and bring new customers in. If you don’t have 1 million dollars to spend on advertising, then I suggest that you don’t follow this form of marketing.

The best thing for you is to use something called “direct response marketing”. Direct response simply means that you’re generating a response from your ads and marketing pieces — not hopelessly waiting for months to get a prospect to contact you. Your ad either works, or it doesn’t – period. This is a great way to hold your advertising accountable, and to start earning more money than you ever did before.

Today I want to share with you a direct marketing technique that you can use to take your business to the next level. This technique is something that all business owners should include in their business, as it can make you more money on autopilot. Here’s the technique that I am talking about:

- Paid newsletters

I once heard a famous marketer say, “If you don’t have continuity or a newsletter in your business, then you don’t have a business”. This struck a chord within me because up until that time, I had no idea as to how to start a paid newsletter in my business. Then I looked around to see how others are marketing their newsletter, and that got my mind rolling as to how to start a newsletter in my business.

No matter your profession, I’m confident that you can use a paid newsletter in your business. Imagine waking up everyday, and seeing $19 sales all generated by your newsletter. If you’re like me, seeing all of those sales sends a rush flowing inside my body.

Here’s a few examples as to how to use paid newsletters in your business:

1) If you’re a family doctor, send out a monthly newsletter on how to avoid the flu and how to keep a family healthy and happy

2) If you own a barber shop or hair salon, send out a monthly newsletter on how to take care of your hair

3) If you own a bakery shop, you could send out a monthly newsletter on recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

4) And etc.

All of these ways are ways to build a relationship with your prospect, all while earning a nice income at the same time. Setting up a 20-page newsletter isn’t hard at all. Just be sure to include exclusive information that isn’t available anywhere else. So be sure to start using paid newsletters in your business today.

Good luck with using newsletters to earn more money in your business.

SEO For Small Business – Online Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are techniques that are used by the webmasters and marketer online to develop a website in a way that will give them top listings on internet search engines. Big companies can spend huge money and time in cultivating these techniques. However, even smaller companies can compete with these companies by simply utilizing SEO marketing solutions like keyword research which will help the small business to get the top listing in search engines.

There are numerous local small businesses like the restaurant, jewelers and the auto dealers who have websites describing their particular product or service. But having a fancy website is of no use, until search engine optimization for small business is properly utilized. If these are not followed the website will be lost in the bottomless pit known as the internet wasteland.

Several SEO techniques are there which can be used to keep a website from sinking into the internet void. Some of the techniques can be broken down into a number of different steps which can involve a lot of time. When a small business is beginning online keyword research is the first SEO marketing solution which should be learned.

Keyword research involves finding words or phrases which are most commonly used in the search engines. There can be variation with the keyword and phrases and there can be as many formulas and theories on how to use them. So the most important SEO for small business is to find out the keywords which are fit for the market.

Several online tools like the Google External Keyword Tool help with keyword research. These tools they provide important information regarding the keywords and the number of monthly searches made both locally and globally. The monthly searches made locally are important for small business to strengthen competition.

The utilization of the keywords on the website will determine the search engine listing. The blog and the blog sites are the most commonly used websites today. The content of each page should have been developed around one phrase or keyword. The Keyword or phrase should be intelligently used in the page title as well as the page content.

You can also use the Keywords as “anchor text” to link the internal web pages. The number of outside links or backlinks determines the page ranking in a search engine. Writing articles or posting comments with a keyword enriched “anchor text” can lead to the webpage. This is the most effective SEO technique that can be used by small business.

Marketing through the internet is not about big business only. Local business can utilize all the available resources. SEO for small business can utilize these methods to develop their businesses online.

There are numerous SEO techniques which you can use to develop your website’s listing in a search engine. Learning how SEO for small business can work you need to understand how the keyword research is the important for online marketing solution.

Small Business Online Marketing Tips To Consider

Small businesses often fail because they lack the knowledge to get their business running smoothly online. The Internet is a huge environment that connects business to clients from all over the world. Having small business online marketing tips available to consider is critical to your business. If you plan to operate an online business, then you will need to know how SEO and Internet marketing works.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method used by millions of online Ecommerce and corporations nationwide. SEO includes link building, video marketing, Meta tags, relevant keywords and terms, and much more. Video marketing currently has the highest rating in business marketing because many users online prefer visual aids to web content or text.

Right now over 6 million visitors go on YouTube to view videos. If you are creating videos to market your business, learn some tips to help you create effective Internet marketing videos. Most videos shown online are produced in 1-minute. Longer videos does not capture the audience attention, rather it sends them on to find other videos. Make your videos short and to the point.

Narrow down your audience. Why would you target a broad audience when you are selling healthcare products, or auto parts? Instead, you would focus on your products or services to find out which group fits into this category. Studies show that small businesses who research their targeted audience, narrowing it down to fit their category, produce more results than those who do not research.

Pay-per-click Ads attract loads of attention from online users. PPC ads offered by Google however are expensive, as each click costs you money. If you are building a web site, find a hosting company that offers you $100 free PPC ads. You can use the free money until you build your business and start paying for PPC ads on your own. It is a good way to get started with marketing your business online.

Set up an E-mailer campaign. E-mail campaigns should not include spamming, otherwise, you may find yourself losing customers and banned. Research the Internet to find effective E-mail campaigns, or build your own client list and send out E-mails daily to your prospective or current clients. E-mails should include new products, services, sales, discounts, etc.

Speaking of discounts; small business online marketing tips include offering discounts to your clients. Give your clients money-saving solutions to encourage them to return to your web site and buy more products.